As competition intensifies most brokers create a variety of ways to find potential clients in every the corner of the globe. One of the popular methods of attracting traders is the bonus, especially welcome bonuses. Traders desire to get welcome bonuses because these programs can help them make a profit without investment.

You are thinking if welcome bonuses of traders are good or not good. This article will assist you in find out the answer. You will mention some matters related to best forex welcome bonuses in turn.

1. Top 3 brokers provide best forex welcome bonuses:

XM 30$ welcome bonus
FBS 50$ welcome bonus
FXTM 10$ welcome bonus
  • XM is one of the best forex brokers 2018 favored by the majority of people. All profits earned can withdraw every time and everywhere. In addition to welcome bonus, they also have deposit bonus at 100% rate for all new clients.
  • FBS is one of best brokers all over the world. You get 50$ welcome bonus when sign up account. You also can withdraw with some easy conditions and use the bonus to boost your income.
  • FXTM isn’t as good as XM or FBS but is one of good brokers in the world. FXTM offers 10$ to all new traders when they register a new account. It is a trading environment for beginners.

2. Standards of good forex welcome bonuses

  • Easy withdrawal conditions
  • High welcome bonus value
  • Reliable forex brokers

In details:

Easy withdrawal conditions

In general, we can’t withdraw bonuses. We only can withdraw profit that we won from bonus trades. All these brokers allow you withdraw profit. The condition is: Traders have to complete minimum number of lot trade.

  • XM has the easiest withdrawal condition. Traders only need to complete 0.1 Lot to withdraw all profit.
  • FXTM is the second easy withdrawal condition. Traders have to complete 1 lot to withdraw profit.
  • FBS has 123 bonus program. Traders can get up to 123$ welcome bonus. For each trading lot, you can withdraw 3$ profit. Example: After 7 days trading, you won 60$. In order to withdraw that 60$, you have to trade at least 20 lot.

High welcome bonus value

  • FBS offers the highest welcome bonus Value: 123$.
  • XM and FXTM offer the same welcome bonuses value: 30$

Reliable forex brokers

In these 3 brokers, XM is the most reliable forex brokers. They are also the best forex broker for beginners.

3. How many types of forex bonuses are there?

All bonus money in the forex market can be divided into 3 groups: welcome bonuses, deposit bonuses and lot back bonuses. So, let’s take a look at each separate group and explain details.

Welcome bonuses:  are also known as non-deposit bonuses. They are set of bonuses provided by brokers when you sign up at the first time. This profit will deposit your account automatically. A welcome bonus is good but you need to pay attention to some problems as follow. You have consider broker’s policy because sometimes brokers build up several conditions for withdrawing your profit. You can see the conditions of brokers in next part of article. The benefit of this type of bonus is that you can test brokers and their trading environment. You can open many account to get the best welcome bonuses.

Deposit bonus is a type of bonus you have deposit your fund.  In this type of bonus, it is difficult to say what kinds of conditions you need to get it because of depending on percentages of deposit amount. For instance, brokers can calculated 20%, 50%, 100% of the total deposit to transfer profit for you.

– Lot back bonuses:  apply for traders which have traded with long term brokers. When you complete 1 lot/transaction, brokers will rebate an amount of money to your account automatically. Brokers consider your trading currencies, account types, and trading time to give bonuses for you. This is the most common bonus program because of minimizing transaction cost.

4. Can we really withdraw forex bonus profit?

As I mentioned before, you overcome several conditions of brokers to withdraw welcome bonuses.

  • Some brokers provided policy which you fully finished a certain number of trading lots. To understand more look at the example: if you want to get $50 bonus, you have to complete at least 10 lots. 
  • Some brokers only need to open a trading account you always can get bonus anytime and anywhere. In some case you can withdraw without disagreement of brokers.

I advise traders to thoroughly research brokers’ information as well as some terms to decide campaigns properly and avoid some difficult problem to handle.

5. What should we choose, good bonuses or low spread?

In my opinion, these are 2 factors helping to build up a good broker with good forex bonuses. Therefore, good forex bonuses aren’t the most vital condition to select a broker.  But if your broker has outstanding spread and bonuses, everything will be better. Having said that I always choose reliable brokers to minimize unexpectedly risks. This is a top criteria for my choice.

6. Ways to cheat forex bonuses:

Last but not least, you desire to share with you 2 techniques in order to cheat welcome bonuses. Read carefully, please!

1. You are self-confident opening as a wide range of accounts as possible in order to enjoy welcome bonuses. You have a chance 50% for win when hedging 2 accounts together. Remember! You only carry out this methods if brokers don’t offer any policies in connect with conditions.

2. The second method primarily make use of the high leverage to hold big positions. Similarly, the cheaters also open a variety of fresh accounts to get welcome bonuses. After that, you also need to hedge them with other accounts to guarantee the win rate is 50%.

In short, I hope that you have useful information through this article in connect with best forex brokers and choose yourself a best brokers to work.

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