Crypto tracker apps are amongst the hottest mobile apps these days. It is because of the constantly increasing internet in cryptocurrency across the globe. To run this business, it is very important that you install the best app so that you can carry on with your investment in this type of currency. Let us quickly jump on to the best and most loved crypto apps.

  1. Blockfolio:

This is amongst the most lovable and dependable apps in the world of crypto tracker portfolios. This is totally a mobile app. Through this app, you can keep your track for variety of coins at the same time. If using this app, you will get alerts at the time, when your coins will reach at the certain price. This is one of those app, which is fully customizable. You can do a lot with. You can keep your balances hidden and can only have a look at the constantly changing percentage, can put security lock on your app, take and share the screenshots and a lot more. Its beautiful visuals and the option of choosing either a nigh UI or dark UI mode makes the charts look pretty. There is one negative point associated with this app. Sometimes it get slow while listing new coin. Sometimes, the prices shown on this app are also inaccurate and lastly, the server becomes available in certain situation. Still it is highly acclaimed and appreciated app for Android and Iphone users. Moreover, this app is available for free.

  1. Kryptographe:

When someone looks for a complete and perfect crypto app, then there is something incomparable and unmatchable. Kryptographe is an innovative app that has transformed the way business in cryptocurrencies is done. You can easily download this app and can start making profits by leaps and bounds. You can do the following activities through this single platform;

Portfolio management

Relative performance

Percentile score

Constant update

Performance growth

When you have such a comprehensive platform available, then there is no need of relying on any other crypto tracker portfolio.

  1. Delta:

This crypto tracker portfolio app is quite similar to Blockfolio but is litter faster and more dependable than later. Prices mentioned on Delta are superbly accurate. This app can list new and multiple coins at very fast speed. There are some amazing features of Delta that include the option of wish list and the option of tracking more than one portfolios at a time. But, tracking the coins individually is something that Delta is not good with like Blockfolio is.

If you talk about the design layout of Delta, then you must know that it does not come with the option of night UI mode, but its UI is predominantly dark and is liked by most of the users. This app is available for free on both GooglePlay for Android users and App Store for Apple users.

  1. Cryptopanic:

Cryptopanic is different from other two crypto tracker portfolio apps including Delta and BLockfolio. It is not merely a mobile app but it is a complete web page. This app works tremendously well on mobile devices and desktop computers. Moreover, it is not only a portfolio tracker but is a useful news aggregator as well. When it comes to tracking of portfolios, then this app is unmatchable. All you need to do is, search for the right coin, enter your price and it is going to be simply added to your personal portfolio. Tracking prices on independent exchanges is not possible, but this app is great at price tracking. All in all, it is not the crypto tracker part of this app which is making it a hit but the newsfeed that is found with this app is also making it very desirable.